Contractual fees

A contractual fee can be defined as follows (§2 par. 2 of the Public Notice):

  • Flat fee

    Advokátska kancelária - Cennik A fee can be agreed for complete handling of matters or a set of matters or to provide legal services either during a certain time period or for an indefinite time.

  • Tariff fee

    Advokátska kancelária - Cennik The basic rate for a tariff fee is determined according to the value or type of matter covered in the tariff or based on the law and the number of legal acts the attorney will perform in the matter.

  • Hourly fee

    Advokátska kancelária - Cennik This type of fee may be agreed based on the number of hours required to render a legal service.

  • Percentage fee

    Advokátska kancelária - Cennik A cash percentage of the value involved in proceedings before the Court or other body may be agreed. The maximum amount cannot exceed 20% of the value involved in the matter.

  • Simple legal aid

    Advokátska kancelária - Cennik Simple legal aid should be understood to mean providing legal advice in the law office itself without representation before the court or other body. In this case, the attorney can agree with the client on an hourly rate divided into quarter hours begun (§3 of the Public Notice).

    If simple legal services are being provided, the attorney will bill you 500.00 SKK (16.60 EUR) for each hour begun.

  • Attorney’s tariff (download)


To successfully change over to the new euro currency, we consider it necessary to create in our clients and the wider public a feeling of confidence and satisfactory knowledge. Our law office acceded in full on 20 June 2008 to the Ethical Codex for Introduction of the Euro, which was established in cooperation with the Government Attorney for introduction of the euro in Slovakia and the Business Alliance of Slovakia (Podnikateľská aliancia Slovenska). Starting on 15 July 2008, our law office put dual display of prices for legal services on all invoices and cash vouchers in both Slovak crowns and Euros. More details on changeover to the new euro currency can be found on

Conversion rate effective from 1 January 2009: 1 EUR = 30.1260 SKK

Payment method

The method of payment is determined by the client upon agreement with the attorney.

We offer you the following payment methods:: 
  • In cash at the law office cash desk;,
  • By transfer to the law office’s account.


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